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NAMARMY.COM  -  Multi-gaming Battalion,Veterans and Active Duty military
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We are primarly Veterans,Active Duty or Retired Military from all branches of service from all over the world.
We leave our rank from the services at the door so everyone can be relaxed.
We are a friendly based group who will help with game play and or problems to gaming.
We encourage all non-military to apply as well.
There are various members of this group who beta test other games as well as World of Warships.

Also looking for a few good people to help run the division and help out the new guys to the game and lead them in game.
We believe in real life comes first.We do not have a set amount of time to be on teamspeak and in game.Family first,we believe in that and stand by that.

We are a multi-gaming Battalion that just enjoy playing games with like minded individuals just for fun. We don't commonly play in competitive leagues or anything, though it's not something some members wouldn't mind getting into.

Our Battalion consist of hardcore gamers as well as casual. We mostly play a lot of F2P games so that everyone who wants to join in on the game-play can, but obviously this isn't always going to be the case.

All are free to apply to join.6

In most cases you will be accepted for a mandatory probationary period of 2 weeks.

Join our comms on TS3 at NAMARMY.COM password is:military

Apply at

Feel free to join our public Steam Group http://steamcommunit...2768428/members
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Casual Competitive - Low Social Family Friendly voice TS3
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Multi-gaming Battalion,Veterans and Active Duty military